One of the banes of the evolution of technology is Nomophobia – or more commonly, a cell phone addiction syndrome. Be it an adult or a child, cell phones  and other smart gadgets have made such an inroad in our lives that even a single day without it, makes us feel estranged and doomed. Parents today, constantly worry about their children being hooked to phones and other devices – to the extent that outdoor activities are continuously under the threat of extinction.  Newer ways are hence being adopted every day to ensure an overall development of your child’s mind and health. The bouncy castles are undoubtedly one of the most effective exercise tools for your kids and a fun way of ensuring that your children are playing outdoors and engaging in physical exercises, much needed for their growth. However, before you are hitting a bouncy castle sales centre, make sure that you get some useful information on them Here are some of the important things to check while choosing your bouncy castle:
  • At Magical Inflatables, you cannot rent bouncy castles. These are manufactured and almost always made to order. Hence choose wisely, because it is going to be an investment for you. Quality should also be your concern as these should be able to withstand the strain .
  • Bouncy Houses are custom made and categorised based on different age groups of children . Giant Inflatables Manufacturers classify the products according to the limits of weight it can hold. Therefore, it is imperative that you communicate in details about the kids who are going to use the inflatable, to the supplier. Emphatically state the age, height, and weight before you buy.
  • Once you finally buy your bouncy castle, the maintenance of it is mostly your responsibility. You must also be well aware of how to inflate. Have a detailed conversation with the experts while you buy, to know everything about the maintenance of the castle.


Magical Inflatables is one of the most popular and reliable manufacturers of bouncy castles in the UK. All our inflatables are made to order, using top-quality materials to guarantee you the perfect inflatable at an affordable price. Connect with us today for all the details.