Children love to play with bouncy castles but it can be a source of concern for the parents. After the death of a three-year-old Ava-May little boy, parents and kids ‘party organisers are trying to be more cautious about children’s safety. This is where connecting with reliable bouncy castles manufacturer in the UK becomes a great help.

Many parents are looking for ways to distract their kids from the bouncy castles. However, it may not be possible to distract a kid each time as inflatables have become common at both private and public events. So, how to deal with the issue? The best thing a party organiser can do is hire the bouncy castles only from reputed manufacturers such as Magical Inflatables. The company only works with certified professionals following proper safety measures which ensure the safety of your children.

Now, as a responsible parent, you can follow certain tips and guidelines that can keep your child safe while playing in a bouncy castle:

  • Take note of the anchorage points to understand how well the bouncy castle is attached to the ground. Mooring straps should be fastened with the hard ground.
  • Impact-absorbing mats are important to protect your kids from injury as without them, the children might hit the ground hard.
  • Constant supervision is necessary to prevent them from injuring themselves. An attendant remains there but he/she cannot supervise the children while collecting money. A separate attendant is mandatory to protect the children from any accident.
  • Overcrowding a bouncy castle can prove dangerous for everyone. Jamming the castle with more than its capacity can lead to fatal accidents.
  • Children should be in small groups only and the groups must follow an age restriction. Small children should be in groups that only include small kids to avoid accidents and injuries. If during playtime, the bigger kid crushed down the smaller ones, the latter may get hurt.
  • Sharp articles should be kept aside and regulated strictly. Before allowing the children inside the castle, checking them thoroughly is necessary as it will eliminate further risks.

Hiring Magical Inflatables can reduce risks of accidents to a great extent. It is a trusted bouncy castles manufacturer in the UK that guarantees offering you perfect castles at a price that you might not get anywhere else. Visit their site to get more information!