Growing up we have all been to that one party, or amusement park, where we were mesmerized by the sheer thrill of being in a bouncy house, or a bouncy castle, or a bouncy something-or-the-other. The joy we felt as we climbed on and then proceeded to jump around or stomp around the wobbly floor of this wonderful bouncy castle can hardly be explained in words.

Inflatable play structures have come a long way since our own childhood and today there are large varieties to choose from. From simple constructs that could engage a group of five children to magnificent towering ones that could easily fit 50 children in, these inflatable houses are all the children’s desires nowadays.

Most often than not, it doesn’t occur to the common consumer that these inflatable houses can be bought. We are used to just renting them for birthday parties or other events. Even if we are made aware of the option to buy such a thing we might hesitate thinking that the cost would probably be too high for a toy.

Yet, imagine how it would make your child’s day if they saw their very own bouncy castle in the backyard?

Bouncy houses and other such inflatables are quite useful to a child’s development. They increase their motor skills, balance and muscle strength as well. Then there are the water pools and inflatable slides that can be inflated and ready for use in a jiffy. These can serve you with hours of fun on a hot summer’s day and make for a great addition to your next camping trip or vacation as well.

Another amazing form of inflatable structure is the “Multiplay”. This is an inflatable obstacle course that encourages the kids to go through it by including various actions like jumping, climbing and crawling. It is not only a physical challenge but stimulates their minds as well since they need to figure out their course of action.

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