Kids love to play with inflatable toys. They are fun and perfect for your energetic child. One of the most popular inflatable toys is the bouncy castle. These toys have been used as a popular form of entertainment for the kids for several years. Nowadays these toys can be found in carnivals, shopping malls, parks, festivals and birthday parties. These toys are the main attractions for the kids. This will not only entertain your kid but also is a great source of physical exercise.

Here are a few games that be indulged into on a bouncy castle:

Stop Bounce

This is a fun game that will definitely tire the children. The game is simple. There will be a music playing and the kids have to jump as high as they can till the music stops. Once the music stops they have to stop the bounce. Sounds easy but is quite complicated as it is very difficult to stop the bounce immediately. This is quite a popular game among the kids.


This is similar to the actual game of tag; with the only difference being in order to avoid being tagged, you have to jump away from each other, which in normal case would be running away.

Obstacle Course

If you get the type of inflatable toys with pillars and other elements that can be used as obstacles, then this game can be easily executed.  For this game what you need to do is create a route for the child, which they have to walk through. The fastest child to complete the distance is the winner. 

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