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October 2020

2 Lesser Known Facts to Learn Before Buying a Bouncy Castle London

It was 1959 and John Scurlock, a mechanical engineer by profession and also a former NASA worker, was busy experimenting with inflatable covers for safeguarding the swimming pools and tennis courts. He was trying to invent an inflatable sheath that would be capable of protecting the tennis courts in the event of unprecedented showers and ... continue reading.

July 2020

Hire Inflatables from The Best Bouncy Castle Manufacturer UK

An inflatable is always a popular prop for the kids coming to an event or party. Such bouncy castles may come in different shapes and sizes, including giant dragons to pirate ships to minions or a princess tower. Bouncy castle manufacturer UK designs inflatables for different age groups and makes sure they fit into diverse settings.  If ... continue reading.

June 2020

Guide to Using Child-Friendly Magical Inflatables Bouncy Castle in the UK

Children love to play with bouncy castles but it can be a source of concern for the parents. After the death of a three-year-old Ava-May little boy, parents and kids ‘party organisers are trying to be more cautious about children's safety. This is where connecting with reliable bouncy castles manufacturer in the UK becomes a ... continue reading.

Follow the top 6 Safety Tips while Playing with Inflatables

As children love jumping castles, they have become an integral part of children parties. But parents often question about its safety. A poorly made inflatable can lead a kid to a hospital or worse life-long trauma. Therefore, it’s important to check whether a certain magic castle is safe to play with or not. Magical Inflatables ... continue reading.

November 2019

Why Parents Prefer Bouncy Castles for Their Children?

There is nothing more enjoyable for the kids than a summer outdoor party. Just a bunch of friends, a spacious spot and Bouncy Castles will be enough for kids’ entertainment. Inflatable toys can come in any shape starting from a chair, animal to a collection of characters. All you require is a playhouse with slides and swings ... continue reading.

October 2019

Fun games to be played on a bouncy castle

Kids love to play with inflatable toys. They are fun and perfect for your energetic child. One of the most popular inflatable toys is the bouncy castle. These toys have been used as a popular form of entertainment for the kids for several years. Nowadays these toys can be found in carnivals, shopping malls, parks, ... continue reading.

August 2019

3 ways in which bouncy castles can make your party more appealing

Bouncy castles have been a popular leisure activity for children for years now and continue to fascinate the little ones even to date. You might have noticed these bouncy castles kept in gardens of some houses alongside patios and conservatories. However, did you know that you can use these to make your parties lively too? ... continue reading.

June 2019

3 things to check when you are investing permanently on a Bouncy Castle

One of the banes of the evolution of technology is Nomophobia - or more commonly, a cell phone addiction syndrome. Be it an adult or a child, cell phones  and other smart gadgets have made such an inroad in our lives that even a single day without it, makes us feel estranged and doomed. Parents ... continue reading.

April 2019

Bouncy Castles: The key to attract your kids outdoors!

Are your kids hooked to their phones and other devices? Are you worried because they are staying indoors for too long playing computer games? Bouncy castles can be the perfect idea to bring your kids outdoors and allow them to engage in some good physical activities. It helps the children not only in engaging in ... continue reading.

March 2019

Why Are Bouncy Castles In Trend?

Why Are Bouncy Castles In Trend? Do you want your kids to have an exceptionally fun day? Well then you should consider bouncy castles for your kids. Now you can create a theme based party at your house with the help of a Bouncy Castles Manufacturer in the UK. The themed event can be anything ... continue reading.